Welcome!! Selamat Datang!!! Warmest greetings from the Staff and Students of SMK Paku.

For non Malaysian visitors, SMK means "Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan" in Malay or Malaysian language. In English it means "Government Secondary School". After 6 years of primary school ( SK - Sekolah Kebangsaan ), you go to a secondary school for the next 5 or 7 years. After that you go to University/College or get a job in the public or private sector, help your parents run their small business or farm or join the ranks of the unemployed.

Our main aim in creating this homepage is to allow the millions of people on the Internet to know about our school, mission, objectives and activities.

As this is our debut on the web page making front, we will be focusing on the history of our school. When we update this homepage later we will tell you more about us.

We hope that you will like it and that you will visit us often. If you have any criticism, comments or questions please email to mailto:smkpaku@tm.net.my. Your kind comments are very much appreciated. 

 School Address:
SMK Paku Bau,
Km 30 Jln. Kuching-Bau,
94000 Bau,
Tel: +60 82 699518
fax: +60 82 699814
E-mail: smkpaku@tm.net.my

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